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Self-published work

- Aveugle, illustrated novel
- Aveugle, sketchbook
- Rêverie, artbook
- History Makers, Yuri on Ice! collaborative fanbook
- Amours, artbook
- Les Chroniques de Meln, illustrated novel


Genre: Thriller - Illustrated novel
Nomber of pages: 250 pages
ISBN: 978-2-9558615-0-9
Publication date: November 2016

London – 21st century
Cecily Earl, a young high school student, has lived peacefully with her father since her mother died when she was five years old.
She never did anything to stand out, preferring her quiet solitude to the noisy company of the pretentious girls in her class. She thought that everything would go on like this, that she would find a boyfriend, that she would get married, that she would have children, in short, that she would experience what most girls dream of. But everything changes the day when Cary, her best and only true friend, is murdered in front of her eyes. What ensues for Cecily is a long descent into hell that will make her experience what she feared the most

Not recommended for under 16

Sketchbook Aveugle

Aveugle - The Sketchbook

Nomber of pages: 28 pages
Size: A5 format
Printing: Black and white
Publication date: November 2016

The sketchbook contains the charactersheets of the novel "Aveugle" (without spoiler), and sketches from the creation of the characters to the final novel.



Nomber of pages: 40 pages
Size: A4 format
Printing: Colorr
Publication date: July 2016

Rêverie contains colored illustrations and sketches with explanations of the "Aveugle", "Broken Words" and "Alesyt" projects.

History Makers

History Makers - Yuri on Ice!!! collaborative fanbook

Nomber of pages: 62 pages
Size: A5 format
Printing: Color
Publication date: July 2017

The fanbook contains illustrations based on the lyrics of History Maker, Yuri on Ice!!! opening, step by step/tutorial, the presentation of the 24 participants and a dedication space.

Participants : AOI || 401 - Ana Mnèse - Ayaluna - Burakushii - Caly - Chequin - Cyci Sweet - Damien Rouge - Elwenz - Fraizy Smoothie - Kan Stone - Looveel - Luna Aldrin - Maëlys Tremblay (me) - Mélie-Rose - Milky - Myst-A - Popy - Ren - Rine - Sarumi-Off - Seira - Seiirei - Sujeong


Nomber of pages: 78 pages
Size: A4 format
Printing: Color
Publication date: December 2018

The artbook "Amours" is about the different forms of love, from the most tender oneto the most unhealthy.

Guests : Choppy - CloverDoe - Niranei - Rym

Les Chroniques de Meln

Les Chroniques de Meln

Genre: Fantasy - Illustrated novel
Nomber of pages: 464 pages
ISBN: 978-2-9558615-3-0
Publication date: March 2021

Heiress to the kingdom of Meln, Saphir Ifinir is a great dreamer and is eager for knowledge, she is determined to make all her wishes come true.
However, her birth forces her to be brought up for the sole purpose of taking her parents' place when the day comes and putting aside her deepest desires.
Alongside her parents, her younger sister Enela and her friends, the young heiress will discover the world and the wonders it abounds with, swelling her heart with love for the country that she will one day have to rule.
In this inheritance straitjacket, Saphir will meet Lophel, crown prince of Bernaol. Life will inexorably intertwine their destinies, but what will come of it? Happiness or despair?

Maëlys Tremblay

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